Dr. Sanjeev Tripathi

Dr. Sanjeev Tripathi
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Mr. Sanjeev Tripathi a professional clinical psychologist, child psychologist, counseling psychologist, family & marriage therapist, consultant clinical psychologist in the greater Kailash hospital, Indore. Ex. A clinical psychologist in M.G.M. Medical college, Indore. He a registered professional with rci New Delhi (govt. Of India). He has qualified degree in clinical psychology approved by the government. He did M. Phil in medical and social psychology from rci recognized pig bams, Raipur, and pgdgc from rdvv Jabalpur. He presuming ph.D. In davv, Indore. He has been trained in the field of psychotherapy, psychological counseling, family therapy, psychological assessment, psychological therapeutics, hypnotherapy, including health and organizational psychology. He has 15 years of experience in the field of psychology.

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