Dr. Koustubh Bagul

Dr. Koustubh Bagul
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Dr Koustubh R. Bagul
MBBS, MD Psychiatry
Assistant Professor Department Psychiatry
Practising at
Brain & Mind Clinic
Towar Square, Sapna sangeeta Indore.
Specialist in treating.Child and Adolescent Problems
ADHD, Learning disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Poor learning Memorising problems.
Old Age Related Behaviour Problems.
De-Addiction for Alcohol, Smoking, Tobacco, Bhang, Ganja.
Neurological problems as
Epilepsy, Headache, Migraine, Dementia, Memory loss & Sleep problems,
Pain in body (fibromyalgia), Neuropathy,
Sexual and Sleep problems.
Counseling Behavioural Psychotherapy.

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